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We've delivered the best, highest quality vibration isolation and shock control materials on the market for over a century. Now, the same products that improve safety, reliability, and structural integrity can be ordered faster with our new and improved production capabilities.

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Why Fabreeka?

Trusted, tested, and reliable, Fabreeka's shock and vibration control solutions have been used by professionals from building and construction, to oil and gas.

  • Tony Domurat, Engineered Systems Manager, with our PLMs
  • The Fabreeka Team at a Trade show
  • Dedicated Fabreeka manufacturing team, working around the clock to make your high-tech solutions.
  • Fabreeka's impressive airplane on display at our AIAA booth.
  • Our engineers demo our products for our employees
  • A custom cut of SA-47 material for a wood chipper.
  • SA-47 with Fabreeka bushings in a typical steel connection.
  • Close up shot of a Fabreeka order containing our slide bearings
  • Close up of custom cut of Fabreeka-TIM structural thermal break

Years of Service


Active Customers


Reliable Products



Impressive Across Industries

Fabreeka's dedicated engineering and production teams proudly produce the best materials and solutions for customers everywhere. Our new and improved process benefits the wide range of industries we serve.

Graphic of a construction site

Building and Construction

From buildings to bridges, our engineered materials will suit your next solution.


Oil, Gas, and Energy

Resilient and versatile products for pipelines, oil rigs, and transportation.

Clipart graphic of a factory

Industrial Machinery

Fabreeka's tough materials protect heavy machinery and employees for lasting performance.


Precise Solutions

From the signature Fabreeka Pad to our high-tech pneumatic isolators, our portfolio of vibration isolation and thermal break materials makes us the premier provider for your next project. We can accommodate rush orders and expedite shipping for ALL of our products.

The original cotton duck pad in its classic black color, the Fabreeka Pad.

The Fabreeka® Pad

  • Rugged and resilient.
  • Exceptional for shock control.
  • Accommodates loads up to 10,000 psi.
Bonded with Teflon and stainless steel, our bearings are exceptionally

Fabreeka® Slide Bearings

  • Versatile and reliable.
  • Accommodates expansion and rotation.
  • Best suited for pipe supports and bridges.
Our mint green Fabreeka-TIM structural thermal break material used to stop thermal bridging

Fabreeka-TIM® Thermal Break

  • Interrupts thermal bridging.
  • Helps achieve LEED and sustainability credits.
  • Maintains structural integrity
Our high-tech pneumatic isolators that automatically level.

Precision-Aire® Pneumatic Isolator

  • Superior low-frequency isolation.
  • Best suited for metrology, precision equipment, testing.
  • Fully customizable solution.
Fabcel cellular nitrile pad best suited for low frequency vibration isolation.


  • Available in a variety of densities.
  • Superb isolation for machinery and equipment.
  • Available in sheets or as washers.
Our SA-47 ROF Pad made from recycled rubber is a great vibration isolation pad and load bearing pad.

SA-47 ROF Pad

  • Bears loads up to 7,000psi.
  • Eco-friendly; made from recycled materials.
  • Economic and cost-effective.

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